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1 picture says more than a 1000 words…

Brigit Strijbos is the owner of Brigit Strijbos Fotografie (in short: BS Fotografie) since 2009. She believes in positivity, sincerity, love, perseverance and following your dreams. After some years of managing the company on her own she now works with a team. These photographers have carefully been selected and have built their experience under Brigit's guidance. BS Fotografie is specialised in making images filled with feeling. The photographers never work on autopilot. Every day and every moment is different, this keeps BS Fotografie sharp and on point during every assignment. The team is always professional, involved, pure & honest. BS Fotografie only works with high end, professional equipment and products.


Owner & allround operating

Brigit is one of the lucky people who was able to make her hobby her work. She easily connects with people and she is a very calm and pleasant person to be around with. She has a lot of experience, is very driven in her work and loves honest, authentic & meaningful photography. Brigit is always searching for that one perfect picture!


Wedding photographer

Chantal is a spontaneous and enthusiastic photographer. She is able to estimate situations really well, easy going with kids and stays calm in stressful moments. Your wedding will be documented how it unfolds before her eyes; with passionate and honest photography!


(Duo) Photographer for weddings and familiyshoots

Eva is an easy going and cheerful photographer. She is spontaneous and likes to work with babies and kids. Eva is eager to learn and knows what she wants and how to show this in a fun & clear way. She feels privileged to photograph weddings and happy days!


Wedding photographer

Monique has a beautiful view on photography. She has an endearing personality and knows how to put people at ease in a very natural and casual way. Her pictures spark happiness, emotion and passion, and eternalize your special, forever moment!


(Duo) Photographer for weddings and familiyshoots

Ellen is highly skilled and calm. She sees everything with a fresh look and knows how to visualize the wishes of our customers.
She passionately captures the unique story on the biggest day of your life. Images that are fresh, fun and sparkling are guaranteed!